Our asset managers

Global Fixed Income


Nordkinn is a FI fund with a Nordic focus that aims at delivering good risk-adjusted absolute returns. SPK has chosen Nordkinn due to the good and relevant backgrounds of their teams in Sweden and Norway and because of their organization and management set-up which caters for prudent risk taking.

JP Morgan

JP Morgan is managing a global absolute return FI mandate. SPK choose JPM for this mandate because of their top-down macro focused process, led by a highly experienced manager. They also have broad and strong resources for adding value in different sub-markets, and strong risk management.

Swedish Fixed Income

Swedbank Robur

Swedbank Robur manages two FI mandates for SPK, one traditional bond fund and one flexible FI fund with focus on delivering absolute returns regardless of market developments. SPK has chosen Swedbank Robur since they are one of Sweden’s largest FI managers with good resources and competencies.


Handelsbanken manages a corporate credit mandate for SPK. Investments are managed by a solid philosophy and process. SPK has chosen Handelsbanken due to the manager’s relevant experience of the credit markets and due to the support the bank’s credit analysis function creates for unrated corporates.

Swedish Equities


Enter is managing a Swedish equity mandate for SPK. Disciplined management characterizes the fund and an investment is made based on a genuine understanding of the individual company and its business model. Fundamental, long-term valuation in an in-house developed CF model is the foundation for every investment decision. The focus on ESG risks is central throughout the whole investment process. SPK has chosen this fund because it is managed with high conviction and a focused style by a very experienced manager.

C Worldwide

C Worldwide is managing a Swedish small cap mandate for SPK. The fund is relatively concentrated but well diversified and is characterized by selective stock-picking according to a trend based investment philosophy. SPK has chosen C Worldwide due to their experienced portfolio manager, focused management and solid analysis process.


Handelsbanken is managing a Swedish small cap mandate for SPK. The fund is well diversified and invests by fundamental bottom-up stock picking. SPK has chosen Handelsbanken due to the well-structured, disciplined investment process which has been designed and implemented by the fund manager himself.

Global Equities

T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price is managing a global equity mandate for SPK. The fund is well diversified and invests in growth companies by fundamental bottom-up stock picking. It was chosen by SPK due to their dedicated and agile portfolio manager, supported by a strong and credible internal analyst organization.

Swedbank Robur

Swedbank Robur is managing a global equity mandate for SPK. Global Impact is a thematic fund that, based on a systematic strategy, focuses on investing in companies whose products, services and operations are expected to contribute to meeting the UN Sustainability Development Goals. SPK has chosen to invest in the fund since it is managed by a, for the purpose, resourceful and dedicated organization and provides an opportunity to influence and contribute to sustainable development without compromising on our long-term need for asset return.


JP Morgan

The global infrastructure fund invests directly in OECD infrastructure projects with a moderate risk level. SPK has chosen JP Morgan to run this mandate due to their solid research process, the investment team’s specialists knowledge and the open-ended structure of the fund.

Real Estate


Aberdeen is managing a Eurozone core property mandate for SPK. The fund is open-ended and invests in well located properties with strong and viable cash flows. SPK has chosen Aberdeen to run this mandate due to their core investment philosophy, local know-how and a credible investment process.


Genesta is managing a Nordic value-add property mandate for SPK. The fund invests in office, retail and logistics properties with potential for development in four Nordic countries. SPK has chosen Genesta due to their well-structured investment process and very experienced team with local know-how.


Profi is developing commercial property in the Greater Stockholm area with a particular focus on objects modifiable for housing use. SPK has chosen Profi due to their differentiating property investment approach which is fully conducted in-house by a very experienced and knowledgeable team.

Hedge fund


IAM is managing a diversified and balanced hedge fund portfolio for SPK. The choice of IAM was based on their strong competence within fund research, ODD and portfolio management, coupled with the openness and responsiveness we have experienced in the dialogue with them.